Workout of the Day

Wednesday 11.20.13


Wednesday 11.20.13


5 Clean & Jerk 135/95

10 Pull-ups

200m Run



  1. Quinnan

    13:04 RX

  2. Annie

    14:00 rx

  3. Jamie

    14:15 rx

  4. Travis

    14:28 @ #155

  5. Shan

    Similar prep routine as David. Subbed 6oz of juice for the water.

    Dave was ahead of me by 3 pull-ups in rd 4 and 5 pull-ups in rd 5. I found Dave in the fetal position about 50 meters into the last run. I’ll take the W any way I can.

    Zack tried to get me to do split jerks, I prefer squat clean thrusters.


  6. David F
    David F11-20-2013

    Rnd 1 – 6 oz of H2O, full slug of coffee, bathroom stop
    Rnd 2 – drive fast to RVCF so Zack doesn’t call me Sunshine for being late (oops…I was late, he called me Sunshine)
    Rnd 3 – stretch…try to wake up
    Rnd 4 – run in the rain (what, just because I look like an Oregonian doesn’t mean I’m not a sissy from LA)
    Rnd 5 – WOD 14:02 full squat cleans @ RX (first I caught Shan in rnd 4, then Shan caught me as I blew up on my last run…too much coffee)
    I’ll get you tomorrow Shan!

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