Workout of the Day

Wed 1.30.13


“Dream Team”
Teams of 2
4 Rounds for Time

  • 30 Thrusters 95/65
  • 30 Burpee Over Bar
  • 30 Goblet Squat 53/35
  • 30 KBS 53/35


    1. Neftali


    2. Mark Patterson
      Mark Patterson01-30-2013

      David and I both ended up dry heaving.., now that’s a work out 27:15 I think but I was pretty dizzy.

    3. Michelle

      Michelle and Laura 23:22

    4. Erin

      Chad and Erin

      21:59 RX (95lb thrusters, 53lb KB)

    5. jessi

      Jessi & Jody: 24:50

    6. Holly

      Holly and Kristi 29:04

      Thanks Kristi for picking up my slack on the thrusters and for getting the kids tonight so we could be partners!!

    7. Jamie and Melissa The "C" Team
      Jamie and Melissa The "C" Team01-30-2013

      21:28 @ 65# thruster and 35# kb. 4 rounds of 24

    8. "C" Team
      "C" Team01-30-2013

      21:31RX- but our class did 24 reps.

      Colin- if you did your recycling at Food-4-Less, that totally counts as a workout!

    9. Colin

      31.47 with Rob, thanks Rob for picking up my slack! That was hard….on a side note I did our households bottle and cans recycle at the store today… arm was exhausted just putting the bottles in…..does that count as a workout? Please?

      • Rob D
        Rob D01-30-2013

        Colin, yes it was a blast, er, not so much. But you did a fine job, especially with the ever-lovely thrusters.

    10. ChristyJ

      Where’s all the comments?

    11. Marsha Daniken
      Marsha Daniken01-30-2013

      Team Winey Pants! (Marsha & Shelly) 26:33 RX :))
      Thanks for putting up with me today Shelly and Jake!

    12. Shan

      Fun one. Partnered with Molly. Great job Molly!

      • Molly Mullane
        Molly Mullane01-30-2013

        Thanks, Shan! It was awesomely hard!

      • Colin

        Hi Shan, how do,we change the stock image? I see you have a kettle ball….I was thinking tennis ball for me!

    13. RobJ

      Team Johnson (Robert/Christy): 24:52 RX

      I don’t think Christy will ever be my partner again. Good job babe!

    14. Pam Darnall
      Pam Darnall01-30-2013

      55lbs 35 lb kb
      Team with Aimee

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