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Thursday 2.26.15

Thursday 2.26.1

The CrossFit Open

Our gym takes pride in participating in the CrossFit Open . The Open is our CrossFit communities opportunity to test fitness across the entire international CrossFit community. CrossFit Headquarters will announce the workouts live every Thursday night at 5PM if any wants to watch go to

Our gym will be performing the WOD Friday nights in several heats, with the first heats starting at 5PM. We prefer everyone to come do the workout at this time. It will be set up just like a competition with judges and scoring. We have participated as a gym every year since we opened and it has proven to be a great time for our members to test their mind and body while supporting each other and showing all what our community is all about.

Open Athletes:

If you can’t make a Friday night please email Jake at in advance so we can line up a judge for a time that works best for you.

Members that are not competing:

We will not be having evening classes Friday nights for the next 5 weeks. If you haven’t been to a comp or watched the open try to come down and check it out. We have about 50 people signed up so they’ll plenty of people you know to cheer on as they push themselves through some tough workouts. For those of you interested in volunteering to Judge or support the open athletes please contact Jake.


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