Workout of the Day

Saturday 8.27.16




We appreciate all that our police force does for us world wide and in our community. We have many members that put their lives on the line daily to protect us and our safety. Saying “Thank You” is not nearly enough.

Tomorrows workout will be a special one. Everyone is invited to join not just members!

In memory of San Diego police Officer De Guzman.  CrossFit gyms across San Diego will be honoring San Diego police Officer Jonathan “J.D.” De Guzman with a hero workout of the day named after him.

CrossFit created the “GS 24 Memorial WOD” in memory of De Guzman, who was a member of the SDPD elite gang suppression team and fatally wounded during a shootout in a Southcrest-area neighborhood in late July.

Hero WODs are named in honor of service member or law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.

“GS 24 Memorial WOD” consists of the following workout:

Teams of 2 – 4 rounds for time
800m run (Partner A)
50 wall balls (20/14) (Partner B)
50 alternating burpees (Partner A and B)
50 pull ups (split)
*Switch each round from Partner A to Partner B*

(Partner A runs the 800m while Partner B completes 50 wall balls. When both partners finish their exercise, both partners will complete 50 alternating burpees. Once the burpees are completed, move to the pull ups and divide how you choose. Once the pull ups are completed, the partner who ran first is now completing the wall balls while the other runs.)


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