Workout of the Day

Monday 2.11.13


Monday 2.11.13


5 Rounds for Time

  • 400m Run
  • 30 Box Jumps 24in
  • 30 Wall Balls 20/14


    1. Kristi Sewell
      Kristi Sewell02-12-2013

      42:24…tough one!

    2. Holly

      36:42… Wowzer that was rough.

    3. Rob D
      Rob D02-11-2013

      33:58 rx. Thanks Adam for the push. No gas in the tank or wind in the sails after fighting respiratory illness past 5 days.

    4. Quinnan

      27:32 RX
      Missed a box jump and banged my shin. I don’t recommend it.

      • Rob D
        Rob D02-11-2013

        Been there, done that X 4. I don’t recommend it either.

    5. Choad

      19:35 worst fun I’ve ever had!

    6. Royal

      28:22 Rx. Not my best time, but faster than I expected. Less rest, more reps!

    7. Chris Baker
      Chris Baker02-11-2013

      31:50, not gonna lie, that sh!? Sucked!

    8. Molly Mullane
      Molly Mullane02-11-2013

      26:51 10# WB

    9. Marty

      Thanks for all the help today. All the words of encouragement and a huge call out to the guys that ran with me on the last 400 meters (after they had already finished their workout)

    10. RobJ

      26:37 RX/PR. Thanks for the motivation Christy, Ali and Marsha; especially when Mr. Pukie paid a visit with only 12 wallballs left

    11. Colin

      30.29 using 14lb WB

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