Workout of the Day

Friday 3.1.13


Friday 3.1.13

“Team Badger”


30 Squat Cleans

30 Pull Ups

800m Run


  1. Michelle

    Adam & Michelle 26:55

  2. Brian/ Brady
    Brian/ Brady03-02-2013

    If I would’ve known 17yrs ago that Brady would be carrying my 40 year old butt through the “Badger of Honor” I might have been nicer to him. He is a founding member of the BeeGees (The Brothers Graham) and a cool dude. Clearly I was a positive influence on him as he was growing up. Oh, our time was 25:22

  3. Holly

    Kristi and Holly 33:23

    Love my partner!!! Thanks for fighting till the end 🙂

  4. Molly Mullane
    Molly Mullane03-01-2013

    Colin and I
    26:23 Rx

  5. Jamie

    Jamie & Melissa
    26:11 Rx

  6. Toppo

    31:37 Thanks Milo…it was a good time training w/ you!

  7. david renz
    david renz03-01-2013

    Mellgren / Renz – 21:21 …Thanks Paul! Great fun!

  8. Marsha

    Marsha & Miss Ali! 27:41 RX
    Thanks for pushing me Ali on our last 800m run.

  9. Pam Darnall
    Pam Darnall02-28-2013

    Good times!
    Sorry we’ll miss the workout! Another swim meet!

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