Workout of the Day

Friday 11.15.13


Friday 11.15.13

3 x 10 Toes 2 Bar

3 x 5 Ring Rows


15 min AMRAP

9 Deadlifts 155/105

12 Push-ups

15 Box Jumps 24/20


  1. Jamie

    7 rounds plus 6 push ups rx

  2. jessi

    7 rounds + 1 push up

  3. Michelle

    7 rounds plus 2 box jumps

  4. Niki brown
    Niki brown11-15-2013

    5 rounds. Slow & steady box jumps. Still a bit sketchy about taking a tumble.

  5. Holly

    7 rounds plus 5 deadlifts

  6. David F
    David F11-15-2013

    We should have added flying push-ups to this workout:

  7. David F
    David F11-15-2013

    Steady pace today, this was a long one…7 rnds, 6 Box Jumps…
    All deads were unbroken.
    Started to rest a bit on top of the box on rounds 5 – 7 and I tried to land close to the front of the box on the floor so I didn’t have to jump forward so much. This helped with effort.
    Thanks for the push Jake!
    Great Job Younker Family!

  8. Shan

    7 rounds plus 12 push-ups.
    1 full round improvement over last time. Need to cycle faster on the dead lifts.

    Thanks for the push Jake.
    Good job Dave. You got me by 6 burpees. Argh!

    Good video on box jump mobility and technique.

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