Workout of the Day

Gina, January 2014


The January Rogue of the Month is Gina!

Give us a little background on who you are and what you do for a living…

Mom/bookkeeper by day, exhausted mom/bookkeeper by night.

How long have you been CrossFitting ? How did you hear about RVCF?

17 months, 1 week, and 5 days, approximately.

What training did you do before CrossFit?

A brief stint @ Curves, but they didn’t like my potty mouth or booty shorts. I continue to play tennis, where they tolerate my potty mouth & I get to work on being competitive. The only running I did before CrossFit was after a tennis ball!

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

My jeans continue to fit. Praise RVCF! Also I’ve cleaned up my food & drink choices as I’ve talked to others I workout with & realized sometimes feeling good about my workout comes down to what I ate/ drank last night or last weekend. I usually eat better than that guy, Jared, from Subway now.

What has been your most memorable experience at the gym?

My 1st time box jumping. That 1st jump up was scary & that 1st jump down I thought I might drop a uterus or something, so I decided to step down. Today I can jump up and down at a fairly decent pace! Progress.

What’s your favorite WOD or exercise?

I enjoy the foam roller. Haha actually I do like handstand push ups & feel very accomplished even if I can only do a few in a row. And tire flipping bc it looks sort of BA.
Do you have any advice for new CrossFit members ?

Do you have any advice for new CrossFit members?

Yes! Run, before you’re too sore to escape. Kidding, come everyday and you’ll get past the soreness so much faster. Don’t be intimidated by the gender and age spectrum. Everything is scale able.






  1. Todd

    Congrats Gina,

    I get to see 1st hand how hard you work every time I am there. You deserve this with your commitment and dedication.

    I am always inspired by how hard the whole group works and helps me to push myself each workout.

  2. Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson01-07-2014

    Great work Gina. I’ve enjoyed watching your progress. You are one that can always be counted on to work hard.

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