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Denaly, May 2014


The May Rogue of the Month is Denaly!

Give us a little background on who you are and what you do for a living…

Hi, I am Denaly McAlister. I am a junior at Phoenix High School. In 2008, I moved from Alaska to Southern Oregon. My parents are Mark and Debi McAlister. I have an older sister, Kya who is a “youngster” at United States Naval Academy and a younger brother, Hunter who is a sophomore at Phoenix High School. I have a dog-named Toby and a steer named Kodiak.

How long have you been CrossFitting ?

I have been cross-fitting for a year and in February I started to come consistently in the morning. The Darnell family had talked to my mom about Crossfit…and I got hooked into coming.

What training did you do before CrossFit?

Before Crossfit, I was and still am a tri-athlete (soccer, basketball, and softball) at Phoenix High School.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

Crossfit influences my daily life. I look forward to coming every day. Crossfit brings me true happiness and it pushes me beyond all my limits. All the WOD’s are challenging and it makes me feel like my own champion when I complete the workouts. It perpetuates my focus to do my very best as a student and athlete. Plus, the atmosphere is ALWAYS encouraging, leaving me to come back for more!

What has been your most memorable experience at the gym?

All the WOD’s are unforgettable! My favorite memory was the Open, especially 14.5. I had no clue what the Open was until Royal encouraged me to register. I had the most difficult time trying to complete those workouts. I enjoyed 14.5 the most because it was the most challenging and I could actually complete it. I was one of the last people finishing that workout and I have never felt so inspired by all the cheering. You cannot get that anywhere else!

What’s your favorite WOD or exercise?

I have a love/hate relationship with all the WOD’s but my favorite movements are squats (any type), kettle bell swings, cleans, deadlifts, and box jumps. Oh, and a LITTLE bit of running!

Do you have any advice for new CrossFit members?

If I had any advice to a new comer, it would be- Just keep coming! No matter how you feel, it’s just your emotions/thoughts. Crossfit makes me feel uncomfortable at times (a good type of uncomfortable) because it makes me step out of my comfort zone. There are times when I struggle with shyness; however, Crossfit has helped me to gain more confidence and has helped me deal with my insecurities. It has made socializing easier! Crossfit will make you stronger in many ways. When you come to Crossfit, be ready for a challenge whether its learning more about yourself, formwork or simply working out with others. Lastly, if I can overcome some of my obstacles with Crossfit – so can you!

To coaches/athletes: I thank God every day for Rogue Valley Crossfit! You guys are truly awesome and have transformed my lifestyle! I sincerely appreciate your inspiration.

I still have a long journey and I am so happy you guys are a part of it! Your presence keeps me striving!







  1. Michelle

    Yay, Denaly!!! Congratulations!! 🙂

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