Workout of the Day

Chris, March 2014

The March Rogue of the Month is Chris!

Give us a little background on who you are and what you do for a living…

I was born in California, but was transplanted to the Rogue Valley when I was 5. I went to Phoenix High school then gave SOSC a try for about a year. It didn’t take, so off to the Army I went where I spent 4 years as a Medic stationed at FT. Lewis up in Washington State. I am married to the December 2012 Rogue of the Month. I guess that makes us the first married couple as Rogues of the Month.  Jamie and I have been married for 20 years and we have two kids in high school. When I am not watching them play sports, I support our Crossfit habit and my wife’s obsession with Lululemon clothing by working as a Database administrator at Boise Cascade.

How long have you been CrossFitting ?

I have been doing this Crossfit thing for just over two years now.

How did you hear about RVCF?

Jamie of course. It took her some time to convince me to go because listening her talk about it,  I honestly thought she had been absorbed into some cult, but I caved in and gave it try and haven’t looked back since.

What training did you do before CrossFit?

A few stints at the local Globo gym. Even once had a trainer. I bought one of those fancy weight machines with all the pulleys and neat attachments. It pretty much ended up as a place to hang clothes.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

Besides slowly removing the last of the sympathy baby weight I put on 18 years ago. Crossfit has made me believe more in myself and has instilled the never give up even though it hurts attitude.

What has been your most memorable experience at the gym?

Just recently we tested a few of our 1 rep maxes. I finally reached the 300lb. club in the Back squat with 305lbs. That number had been taunting me for almost a year now! Then there was the open last year and 13.1 to be precise. I finally made it to the point where we had to do 135lb snatches. I was slow in getting there because….Did mention I hate burpees? Anyways coach Ali got a picture of my finally attempt at that snatch. All I could think was get under it, so what did I do? Dropped to my knees and caught it and if the buzzer hadn’t sounded I may just have been able to stand that thing up!

What’s your favorite WOD or exercise?

Oh it has to be everyone’s recent nemesis, “The Double Unders”! Those things frustrated me for so long, I can’t tell you how many times I left the gym just pissed off! Now I love any workout that has them! I am also becoming a fan of both the Olympic lifts. I mean you have to love it when you can “Clean and Jerk” and then do a “Snatch” right?

Do you have any advice for new CrossFit members?

Have an open mind, listen to what the coaches say and never give up. The first couple weeks you may feel like quitting, but don’t. It is so worth it!





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