Welcome to Rogue Valley CrossFit of Medford, Oregon


Rogue Valley CrossFit located in Medford, Oregon, is a premier 3,200 sq. ft training facility dedicated to strengthen our community’s health and fitness including cardiovascular endurance, strength, functional movement, flexibility, balance and coordination. We are a member-focused gym providing safe and challenging fitness to any individuals willing and wanting to test themselves physically and mentally. We pride ourselves on helping our members achieve their fitness goals with effective coaching and proven training methods. Our program improves confidence, mental focus and physical performance.


Our members are our strongest support system inspiring and motivating each other for the highest level of health and fitness.


Our program is committed to providing a high level of intensity which ensures the maximum benefit of exercises sessions.

We are FIT

The movements in our workouts transfer to real life and are focused on using our largest muscle groups and core to ensure fitness in day to day life as well as athletic performance.

We are Rogue Valley CrossFit

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